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Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay Per Click SEO for an instant boost

Google Ads

When done right, Google Ads can help you reach customers who are searching for you. We repeat: * when done right*. Take the clue.

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Keyword research

Keywords are the nut and bolt of your campaigns. That's why we begin with a thorough keyword strategy to ensure that the keywords used are effective.

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Campaign creation

Armed with a carefully crafted keyword list, we build out advertising campaigns that bring your products in front of a ready-to-buy audience.

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Ongoing optimization

Creating campaigns is just half the work done. Micro-level tweaks and changes made to the campaign based on performance data ensure that your campaigns run hot 24/7.

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Data analysis

No matter how good the results are, there's always room for improvement; that's why we conduct a judicious analysis of reports to identify scopes for improved ROI.

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Only 2% of the customers will get back to you after leaving your website. We use efficient retargeting tactics that'll help you reach and persuade the remaining 98%.

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Get the visibility, traffic & leads your competitors wish they had. You'll be everywhere your competitors are and all the places they've missed.

Why choose our PPC services?

Make most of every penny

A dedicated SEO expert will continuously monitor campaigns, keyword performance, industry trends, and competitor landscape to make sure your campaigns sell more, spend less.

PPC done right

PPC results take time, but it shouldn’t take forever. We prioritize the high-impact tasks to ensure short-term wins while driving long-term growth.

Honest communication

Whenever you have a question, simply call us, leave a message or send an email and expect a personal, well-considered response from our PPC consultants.

Holistic approach

We don’t just manage your ad accounts; our full-funnel marketing approach keeps customers engaged from the first time they hear about your brand till they purchase

Efficient bidding

We ensure that every dollar spent brings in maximum output possible, day in and day out. Otherwise, you are as well throwing money down the drain.


Stuff happens. Sometimes you don’t get desired results. But instead of finding excuses, we think it’s better to look out for solutions that can remedy the situation.

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